London-based illustrator Claire Scully says that she loves “going to the zoo and seeing happy animals,” and doesn’t love “going to the zoo and seeing bored animals.” Her enjoyment of the animal kingdom is evident in her series titled ‘Bejewelled.’

These illustrations feature intricate line work and patterning to create the shape of each animal. The images are mostly monochromatic with some bi-colored drawings. However, it is the strong patterning and lightness to darkness gradients that really make the images pop.



George Elbert Burr(American, 1859-1939)

In Estes Park, Colorado   etching

Desert Cedars   etching

The Leaning Pine   etching and aquatint

Edge of the Desert, Arizona   etching

Florence from Monte Oliveto   etching

New Moon and Morning Start, Phoenix, Arizona   1920  drypoint, etching and aquatint

Capri from Sorrento   etching and aquatint

Desert Sunset   etching and aquatint

Evening, Lake Geneva   Softground etching and mezzotint


Artist Zaria Forman brings awareness to important environmental issues through her breathtaking pastel drawings. Forman spent September 2013 in the beautiful Maldives, the lowest and flattest country in the world. She found inspiration there to create a new body of work that would shed light on a nation that could be entirely underwater within this century.